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Legion Patch 7.3 Gearing Up Guide - Get Up To & Past iLvl 935+ Fast!
Patch 7.3 brings a number of new gearing methods! Today I'll go through all of them & suggest the fastest way to get a character geared up. ○Patreon - ○Twitter...
Patch 7.3 Is Here! Top 10 New Features In World Of Warcraft Legion Shadows Of Argus
The patch notes are out and the background download is underway which means 7.3 is here! Let's go to Argus! Everything you need to know about Mac'Aree, Antorus, Vindicaar, Turalyon, Alleria,...
Yep, They Went there... Patch 7.3's Ending - Will This Be The Next Expansion?
So, This Happened... Would Blizzard update a whole race JUST for the sake of a single patch? I don't think so. ○Patreon - ○Twitter -
Legion Patch 7.3 Preparation Guide: 14 Thing You Want To Do & Not Do Before Launch
A compilations of things to do and not do in preparation for Patch 7.3. ○Patreon - ○Twitter - ○I Stream on!...
Patch 7.3 Essential Tips, Tricks & Undocumented Changes - Self Ress For All, Fast Travel & More!
A quick run through some handy tips and tricks that'll help you out on Argus. Hunter tames:
Legion Patch 7.3: The New Gearing Systems of World of Warcraft [Overview]
Time to talk a look at the new gearing systems of Patch 7.3. ○Patreon - ○Twitter - ○I Stream on! -
Legion Patch 7.3.2 Gearing Guide: Antorus Edition - iLvl 970 & Beyond!
A quick update to my Patch 7.3 gearing guide that covers the new Path of the Titans trinket & a general overview of the Antorus raid. GL in tier 21! The pre raid steps from my original 7.3...
The Battle for Argus Begins
Watch as Azeroth's massed forces arrive on the Legion's homeworld in the prologue to Patch 7.3—Shadows of Argus. The last battle for Argus begins… For the latest information visit:...
20 Dinge die ihr zu Patch 7.3 wissen solltet | WoW Legion
Auch zu Patch 7.3 gibt es viele generelle Informationen zum Patch, die ich schon im Überlebensguide mit euch kurz und knackig durchgegangen bin. Jetzt gibt es aber noch ein längeres Video...
Patch 7.3: Argus - The 10 Major Features | WoW Legion
Patch 7.3 has finally hit the PTR! Here is an initial look at what the patch aims to achieve for Legion. ○Patreon - ○Twitter -