paulie bleeker

Juno - You're Being Really Immature
Juno and Paulie get into a fight.
JUNO - On Michael Cera's Legs
JUNO's Jason Bateman and Michael Cera talk about... Michael's legs. See JUNO, starring Ellen Page, Michael Cera, Jason Bateman, and Jennifer Garner. Now playing in theaters everywhere!
Juno - Best Scene
Juno MacGuff: I think I'm, like, in love with you. Paulie Bleeker: You mean as friends? Juno MacGuff: No, I mean, like, for real. 'Cause you're, like, the coolest person I've ever met, and...
Juno & Paulie Bleeker - Go Carol
Juno MacGuff: Wow your shorts are like especially gold today. Paulie Bleeker: My mom uses color safe bleach. Juno MacGuff: Go Carol.
Juno - I Think I'm In Love With You
Juno tells Paulie why she thinks she loves him.
Juno & Paulie || You & I
Yes I made another video. I watched this movie again for the first time in years, so I made this video because these two are so adorable. Fandom: Juno Started on 1/24/15finished on 1/25/15...
Juno - Bleeker
Juno~Time (Juno & Paulie)
D Okay, so I kind of love this film... Juno Macguff and Paulie Bleeker are one of the cutest movie couples out there in my opinion. Their relationship is full of highs and lows, yet the chemistry...
Juno And BLEEK
Happy Halloween! (Expect Juno and Bleeker on my personal channel within the next few days!) The Knocked Up One; My lovely lady lumps;
It started with the chair, Juno taking off her underwear, and having a sexuality
It started with the chair, Juno taking oof her underwear, and having a sexuality is seen on the 2007 movie Juno.