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top 10 people who failed trying to set a guinness book world record Subscribe to our channel: For copyright matters please contact us at: Humans are always pushing the limits because we are always looking to defeat the next challenge. This is true for nearly every field of human endeavour throughout our history. In medicine, we never sit idly by but, instead, are always working to develop new cures, vaccines and breakthroughs. In exploration, we’ve gone from the day of the sailing ship into the era of space exploration. Our buildings are constantly getting larger and more ambitious, our cars are implementing all sorts of new technologies and communications continue to get faster and more efficient all the time. Indeed, in all of these areas it takes special people who are willing to push the envelope, take risks and even sacrifice themselves to get to that next and exciting new level of discovery. These following individuals are all perfect examples of the type of person who pushes the limits. These are the personal record breakers and they aim to always keep that bar moving upwards. There’s just one catch. As you can imagine, breaking records can be filled with danger and all of these people trying to reach the next level. From being the fastest in a plane or boat to diving the deepest or attempting some rather unorthodox records, these people knew what they were doing carried risks but they took the challenge anyways. Sure there will always be someone waiting in line to take up the next challenge, but it’s pretty obvious it takes a special personality to attempt what these people all tried. Our Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: For more videos and articles visit:

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