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How to wear Tynor Cervical Orthosis Philadelphia
This video is about size selection and wearing process of Tynor Cervical orthosis philladelphia. Tynor Cervical orthosis philladelphia is an advanced collar with scientific design which ensures...
The perks of having a neck brace
Cervical Orthosis Philadelphia Collar
Cervical Orthosis Philadelphia Ethafoam By Apex Orthowears!
Philadelphia Collar Application - Top Phil Cervical Immobilizer
Application of Philadelphia collar which is used to immobilize the head and neck after a cervical fracture and also to keep the head in a balanced position for weaken cervical muscles.
Looking After Cervical Collar - NHS
Cervical/neck collars are commonly used by patients who have had a surgical intervention of the cervical spine, to immobilise the neck. It is also used for the treatment of neck pain, caused...
Monica with Thomas type cervical collar
life in Thomas type cervical collar.
Vista Cervical Collar In-Service Training The Vista® Collar from Aspen improves patient care while saving time, money and storage space. With its innovative height adjustment technology,...
Using a Neck Brace
OrthoColorado Therapy Team shares tips for using a neck brace after surgery.
What Is A Philadelphia Cervical Collar?
Two piece anatomically shaped neck fixation cervical collar with tracheal opening original philadelphia is made of non toxic, hypoallergenic, and latex free foam. Philadelphia cervical collar...