Viewers Pick My Outfits!
I gave my viewers the power to choose some new clothes for me. Was it a mistake? Time to discover my brand new look... SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE!
As the last YouTuber with emo hair I got some help from Dan to join the curly hair club! SUBSCRIBE: Contains a paid shoutout...
Phil Lester Being Inappropriate
dan: *looks into the camera like he's on the office* LIST OF VIDEOS 00:00 Dan and Phil Play The Impossible Quiz 00:12 Punk Edits in Real Life 00:18 Dan and Phil Play Akinator 00:22 Phil...
phil lester making himself laugh
it's a thing.
LADYDOOR (Official Music Video) - Phil Lester ft. Dan Howell
"I only listen to real music." original song: - Ghost'n'Ghost - Sir Ghostington [Royalty Free Music] (
Draw My Life | AmazingPhil
I draw my life! Find out what happens next :D
I Wrote a Song Using Only Phil Lester Tweets
By popular demand! A song composed of only amazingphil tweets aka Phill Lester. Enjoy! See me on tour this fall! Get my new album on iTunes:
My DNA Test Results
I took a DNA test and thought it would be fun to share my results! Am I part alien? Do I share genes with royalty? Time to find out. PLUSHIES BACK IN STOCK! Also...
I find out if I have ASMR by watching some videos about cleaning, mugs and slime.. and then it's only fair that I have a go myself. NEW BLOSSOM MERCH! SUBSCRIBE:...
THE HAND - A Dan and Phil Fan Fiction by Phil Lester
GET OUR BOOK HERE! Watch Dan's Fan-Fiction: Warning: This video contains blood (and a naked butt) Dan and I challenged each other...