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NO MY EYES ARE NOT RED THE CAMERA FLASH WAS ON??? (FAQ IS BELOW) make sure to follow me on all of my social media! twitter: @nahkohl instagram: @nahkohl snapchat: @nicoolcat before/after and discussing actual surgery starts at 9:37 ALSO YALL NEED TO UNDERSTAND I HAD LESS THAN 150 SUBS WHEN I POSTED THIS I AM NOT AN INFLUENCER IDK WHATS HAPPENING FAQ (also made a video discussing all of these because NONE OF U BOTHER TO READ THIS): where did i get it done and who was my doctor? -- Dr. Patrick Byrne, he works under Johns Hopkins (i live in maryland) and is LITERALLY SO GREAT why are my eyes red? -- i film on my phone and the lighting was really bad so i put the flash of the camera on!! they are not contacts my eyes are hazel and just do not cooperate with flash how much did it cost? -- in total it was around $8000 (i'll put exact figure here soon when i find it), he gave me $1000 off because i was filling an appointment time that was cancelled on short notice. the nose itself was like $7000 but for anesthesia & all that it was another $1000 (prices vary from doctor to doctor and also depending on what u have done/how much time it takes i think) wow that is a lot of money how did you afford it? -- i am #brokeaf my parents paid for it because they were like hey we don't really like seeing nicole crying every day of her life (and on that note i was going to a lot of counseling over this, and those appointments run about $100 each bc we have a high deductible, so this pretty much saved money/did more for me than any therapist could ever do) what was the reaction when people found out i had the surgery? -- ok so i kinda touched on this how like nobody noticed at first and then when they did they were like ew gross u let the haters get to you how sad...but now that its out there and nobody really cares anymore i'm treated WAY NICER than i was before (which is so sad the fact that your outward appearance directly affects how nice people are to you but i have experienced this personally) why do you wear so much makeup? -- BECAUSE I WANT TO also im trying rly hard to reply to all the DMs etc that i get regarding this but ya girl is in college and has poor time management skills so bare with me as i take my time!! also no this was not filmed in front of a green screen wtf lmao i was in my dorm if you're still reading this, i mentor little kids and it would be greatly appreciated if you would consider donating to the program!

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