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**Just going to clear up, as a few of you have mentioned in the comments about my use of the word 'powerful' to describe these. Hate to get into linguistics, but when I say 'powerful' I do not mean aggressive or mighty or physically majestic, but powerful in the way that they captivate the listener and hit straight at the heart. I'm sorry for those of you who feel you were mislead!** Finally another! I wasn't really sure what brought all these songs together, partly a collection of songs my brother Oli kept linking to me, partly from movies I've seen recently, and partly a few of the old favourites! All of them, I felt, were pretty powerful in the emotions and responses they conjured up! Loving all the messages guys, and please keep sending me recommendations!! 00:00 - 03:31 'Scavenger' - Star Wars Episode VII - John Williams 03:32 - 05:25 'He Lost Everything' - X-Men Days of Future Past - Jeffrey Schindler 05:36 - 07:43 'The About Time Theme' - About Time - Nick Laird-Clowes 07:44 - 09:06 'Farewell' - Furious 7 - Brian Tyler 09:07 - 11:34 'Atonement' - Game of Thrones S5 - Ramin Djawadi 11:35 - 14:03 'Making Water' - The Martian - Harry Gregson-Williams 14:04 - 16:18 'Midnight in the Garden' - The Mortal Instruments - Atli Örvarsson 16:17 - 17:32 'The Face of Boe' - Doctor Who S1&2 - Murray Gold 17:33 - 20:17 'Main Title' - The Notebook - Jerry Hey 20:18 - 21:34 'Legacy' - Suffragette - Alexandre Desplat 21:35 - 23:06 'Victory Does Not Make Us Conquerers' - Game of Thrones S1 - Ramin Djawadi 23:07 - 25:18 'Ron's Speech' - Harry Potter 7 P1 - Alexandre Desplat 25:19 - 28:58 'Madame De Pompadour' - Doctor Who S2 - Murray Gold 28:59 - 33:24 'Fire and Blood' - Game of Thrones S1 - Ramin Djawadi 33:25 - 34:27 'Old Friends' - The Hobbit P1 - Howard Shore 34:28 - 36:52 'The Eagles' - LOTR 3 - Howard Shore PS. Sorry it's shorter than usual, I had some copyright issues so had to trim out a song! PPS. Sorry for the year's hiatus, my old laptop broke and I had to get all my music onto my new one!

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