Primeworks Studios endcap on black background (early 2013)
Primeworks Studios Raya Open House 2018
Adakah anda percaya cinta pandang pertama? Do you believe in love at first sight? #PulangTheMovie.
Pelancaran Animasi Ejen Ali - Primeworks Studios & Wau Animation
Sebuah lagi animasi tempatan bakal menjadi fenomena terbaharu Rakyat Malaysia! Jenama rancangan kanak-kanak yang menjadi harta intelek pertama ...
Selamanya - Pot Amir, Taj (Innuedo) + Ruffedge (Primeworks Studios Jamming Session) Feb 2017
Bila Rindu - Ruffedge + Innuendo (Primeworks Studios Jamming Session) Feb 2017
Sorry baru nak upload video ni. Bila Rindu from Ruffedge, mesti ramai yang still ingat kan. Enjoy.
Primeworks Studios apologises to Watson Nyambek
Primeworks Studios Sdn Bhd has issued an apology to former national sprinter, Watson Nyambek, over its 'Sukan Tak Sentral' television programme, which had ...
Two identical Primeworks Studios endcaps (14.12.2013)
One for Res Q on TV3 (in original aspect ratio) and the other for Idola Kecil 6 (original aspect ratio convert to 16:9 letterbox) on TV9; both have original ...
Primeworks Studios FUTURE DAY
Primeworks Studios will be hosting 'Future Day' where all Primeworks Studios' employees will be able to share their ideas and solutions on how to build a better ...
Primeworks Studios' Asian Stories for the World - Asian Culture and Beliefs
Asia is home to a variety of cultures, traditions, religions and beliefs. Primeworks Studios takes a closer look at some of these age-old practices and their ...