rabbit decomposition time lapse

Time-lapse video clip of a rabbit decomposing over seven days, compressed down to one minute. It was produced in the forest behind the Digital Frog International office, using a rabbit that was found by the road already dead. Educators can download a narrated version of this video from our free Frogger Club. We produced the video as a way of demonstrating natural decomposition in a manner that words alone could not describe. It can be a bit disturbing for some, but dramatically shows how quickly the process happens, the various insects and organisms who help in decomposition, and goes a long way to explaining why you don't often see the carcasses of dead animals in the woods--they don't last long. For more information on this and other biology and ecology programs, visit our web site at http://www.digitalfrog.com THIS IS A HIGHER RESOLUTION VERSION OF A PREVIOUSLY UPLOADED VIDEO.

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