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How to make 1000 $ Sounding audiophile highend RCA interconnect cable for 30 $ !!!
Simple guide how to make yourself really nice 1000 $ sounding audiophile highend RCA interconnect cable for as little as 30$ !!! :) Cable: Van Damme Silver Series Lo-Cap 55: 55 p/F per metre...
Turntable Update 15: DIY RCA Interconnects
Hello VC. This is a Hi-Fi Update Video. No music is shown (or played), only Hi-Fi equipment! This is the Fifteenth in my series of "Turntable Update Videos" where I show my progress with my...
Audio Interconnect Cable Myths vs Truths Revealed
http://www.audioholics.com - Audio Interconnect Cable Myths vs Truths Revealed. Sign up to our FREE Newsletter here: http://www.audioholics.com/newsletter-signup. Also, be sure to check out...
Audioquest Golden Gate vs Basic RCA interconnects
Are these Golden Gate cables by Audioquest an improvement over your stock RCA cables? You be the judge.
how to make some high end analogue interconnects
Step 1 wrapping PTFE Tape, Step 2 wrapping Silver Cladded Copper wire, Step 3 wrapping PTFE Tape, Step 4 wrapping Cotton wadding, Step 4 wrapping PTFE Tape, Step 5 fitting Nylon Braid, Step...
How-To Make High End RCA audio interconnect cables
In this video, I show you how to make a pair of really high-end audio cables for not a lot of money. More information at: http://www.made2hack.com/how-to-make-high-end-rca-audio-interconnect-cable...
Audioquest Evergreen vs Regular RCA Interconnect Cables : sound comparison test
A much debated topic. Is the price difference worth it? In this video we pit cheap RCA interconnects against Audioquest Evergreens. Listen for yourself and see if you can hear a difference.
Balanced vs. Unbalanced Cable - What's the deal?
AudioQuest vs. Blue Jeans vs. Monster vs. Generic RCA Cable Shootout
If you want to jump to particular cable here is the timeline, 0:33 Generic RCA 4:33 Monster Interlink 250 8:33 Blue Jeans Cable LC1 12:33 AudioQuest Diamondback 16:33 AudioQuest KingCobra...
Blue Jeans LC-1 vs Monoprice RCA Cables
Comparing the Blue Jeans Cable LC-1 with the Monoprice Premium RCA Cable.