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In this video I am reacting to iDubbbzTV's new video of content cop on Jake Paul. Little did I know that the content cop wasn't on Jake Paul, but on rice gum. Also iDubbbzTV made a diss track on Ricegum. No shade to any of these youtubers, I am only reacting to the video for fun, I stay very neutral and I respect everyone's content. And NO I'm not a reaction channel at all lol. I post two reaction videos a month just for entertainment, but I mainly focus on VLOGS and other types of content. :) If I needed to improve on some things in this video or change something, please let me know so I can make a better video next time for you guys. FYI, SORRY for the weird video cut offs towards the end of my video. Something super weird happened and I have no idea how..but I apologize for that weird cut jump. Will make sure that doesn't happen again! LOVE ALL MY NIKKI LEGS!! ORIGINAL CONTENT COP VIDEO - SUBSCRIBE TO IDUBBBZTV HIS CONTENT IS AMAZING - RICEGUM'S VIDEO RESPONSE TO IDUBBBZTV - If this video hits 5,000 likes, I'll make sure to make MORE reaction videos! #iDubbbzTV #jakepaul #contentcop Turn on your post notifications! 😃 PLEASE SUBSCRIBE★ ❤ - - - Thanks for watching my video ON 'REACTING TO CONTENT COP JAKE PAUL! ASIAN JAKE PAUL *DISS TRACK* !' LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! OUR YOUTUBE FAMILY IS GROWING 😃 HIT that like button! Please SHARE around my videos and don't forget to do the NIKKI LEG!! SUBSCRIBE FOR MY WEEKLY VIDEOS! ► FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: - - - Join me and my many adventures in LA! Don't be afraid to act stupid and be your self 😁 YAAS BISHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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