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Yugioh Semifinals of our meta tournament, True Draco Invoked (+Windwitch) had a matchup against ABC Links. Jul adjusted his deck from the recent ban list which banned or limited a few True Draco cards by adding in the Invoked Windwitch engine, enabling him to go into the extra deck for more utility and aid it's boss monster, Master Peace. AJ has been dealing with the Link rulings which slightly slowed down his ABC, but with the release of Proxy Dragon he can combo better than ever, allowing him to reach the top cut of the tournament. YouTube: Website: Facebook: Twitch: BGM by "That" Technique!: Leave us a like! Your comments would be appreciated, too. If you would like to know more videos about us, subscribe to be notified! BIG Thanks: Chibi Maker: Scrub Opening: Ending Art Jolteon: We do not claim ownership for other art and audio sources which belong rightfully to their creators. Unsourced fan art or audio may not be referenced all the time so if you need it ask for source and it should be provided! Generic tags: Yugioh Anime Exodia God Card Obelisk Slifer Ra Blue Eyes Dark Magician Hero Stardust Utopia Pendulum Link Duel

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