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Watch Hyderabad Nawabs Movie Comedy Scenes (720p) Starring Aziz, Nasar, Masti Ali, Raju Shrivatsav, RK, Sruti Misra,Vandana, Hari, Raghu, Basha, etc, Music Viswa, Story-Dialogues Aziz Nasar & RK, Screenplay-Directed Laksmikanth Chenna, Produced by RK. The narrator first declares-it's a simple love story set in Hyderabad. Ismail Bhai is a boucher owning a chicken stall with two daughters. One lazy and one other who steals money from her parents. One of them is in love with a fellow selling movie tickets in black called Pappu, and the other in love with his Casanova friend Munna who teases women near colleges and bus stops. The problem is their father wants to send his daughters to USA, so he settles the match with two NRI canditates, Atif and Anwar, only they turn out to be pick-pockets who just finished a jail sentence. Meanwhile two local goons doing dirty business in town, Mama and Ajjuare having a gang war. Anwar and Atif belong to Ajju's gang and Pappu and Munna turn to Mama for help. How they finally the girls, and how gang war ends is the rest of the story. Subscribe to our Youtube Channel: Like us on Facebook: For Telugu Full Movies: For Telugu Video Songs: For Telugu Action Scenes: For Latest Telugu Promos:

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