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Part 1: Part 3: Part 4: Part 5: During this portion of his sit-down with DJ Vlad, Russell Simmons briefly speaks on the importance of stars becoming financially literal after learning that Dick Gregory was reportedly unable to pay for his funeral after a long career in the spotlight. From there, Vlad segued into Bill Cosby's tarnished legacy because of the many accusations from different women. Simmons agreed that Bill's career was something special to NBC and voiced how Black talent is the foundation for many budding networks. He uses networks like Fox, WB, and HBO to as examples of how success then translates to exclusivity for mainstream America. In speaking on the problems in Hollywood studios, Simmons wanted to shy away from specifics on the allegations around Cosby or Hollywood as a whole, but he did point out these tales from various women in the industry is awakening their voices in an industry that is not inclusive to people of color or women all around. "It breaks my heart...Hollywood needs to be sensitive to the plight that they have put women in over these years. They should change dramatically their relationships and their practices," expressed mogul. Watch the clip above to hear more.

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