saaheb anil kapoor amrita

Description Mr. Sharma (Utpal Dutt) lives with his four sons (Biswajeet, Vijay Arora, Dilip Dhawan) and a daughter, Geeta or Bulti. Only the youngest son, Sunil (Anil Kapoor) and Geeta are unmarried. Mr. Sharma arranges his daughter's marriage with a man who will be re-locating to London, U.K. The family requires Rs.50,000/- for the expenses, and will even go to the extent of selling their house. Sunil or Saaheb as he is referred to, is the black sheep of the family - unemployed & uneducated - only interested in playing football. None of the elder brothers have any means of coming up with money for the expenses, and two of them even scheme with their respective wives to take over the house. Mr. Sharma attempts to raise the money, in vain. Sunil then makes the ultimate sacrifice for the marriage of his sister, and brings the money to his dad. His dad believes that Sunil has stolen the money, and Sunil is forced to lie about where he got the money from. The family only finds out after the marriage ceremony is over, and do not hesitate to blame him. It is then Sujata (Raakhee) reveals the secret of how the money came to Sunil's possession.

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