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Download: Bandcamp - iTunes - Scratch21's Spotify Artist Link: Shady, I can't begin to thank you enough to have this opportunity to work with you. Go out there and keep putting out great tracks mate! Written and performed by Scratch21 Female vocals performed by Eileen Montgomery Well, I've done it. I suppose this took longer than expected, probably cause, in the long shot, I didn't want to rush it and I didn't want to force myself to animate. I guess I just took my time on it. And yeah, there were some mistakes that I just didn't feel like fixing, like Button's hat not appearing in some of the photos. This kind of stuff I just forgot about and didn't want to fix because I dead-lined this animation to come out by the end of the month. But hopefully that junk won't take away from your watching experience. Anyways, enjoy the animation I slaved for days over! :D On EqD!!: Ranked #3 on Top Ten Pony Videos of April 2015: **For those who are asking for a sequel, I don't make these songs, I have to wait for an appropriate song to come out by the appropriate artist first, I'll also need to give myself a motivation shot to go out and make another one of these. **For those complaining about Sweetie Belle's hair, I didn't know that there was a fanon type of hair for her adult figure, I'm sorry that I didn't think of using it and I'm also sorry that I wasn't aware of it. But, the video is out now, so there is really nothing I can do about it at this point. **For those complaining that Sweetie Belle's cutiemark is wrong, just to inform you, that this fan animation was made BEFORE the episode revealing their cutiemarks was released. I could easily go and change it, but reuploading it just to make a cutiemark correct isn't worth losing all the views I've gathered up on this video. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Holy Credits: Music: Strangers by Scratch21 (Feat. EileMonty): Town Center Night: Rarity's Boutique Outside: Town Center Day: Bandage: Living Room: Bed Room: Picture Frame Background: Button's Hat: Button's Cutie Mark: Moon: Picture Frame: Rarity's Room: Sweetie Belle Cutie Mark: Horseshoe: Flower: Boutique 1: Boutique 2: Ponyville Park: Living Room 2: Rarity's Kitchen: Sweetie Belle Rig and Hair: Button Mash Rig and Hair: Stallion Base: Mare Base:

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