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Avengers Infinity War Has ALREADY Broken Records! - SJU
Avengers: Infinity War is already bursting through the record books. Our SJ News panel go over what is making them hype and predict what else the mega movie will do! - It's SJ Universe! Hosted...
Let’s Talk About The Final Avengers: Infinity War Trailer! - SJU
The final Avengers: Infinity War Trailer released this morning and we break down our favorite parts! Plus Fan Friday questions! - It's SJ Universe Hosted by Spencer Gilbert and Dan Murrell...
Honest Trailers Commentary - Thor: Ragnarok
The writers of Honest Trailers talk about Thor: Ragnarok and show deleted jokes and behind the scenes hints to their lastest trailer! Subscribe Now! ▻▻ ...
Honest Trailer Commentaries - The Oscars (2018)
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Wonder Woman 2: Is Kristen Wiig a Crazy Choice for Villain? - SJU
Our SJ News panel talk about Kristen Wiig's casting as a villain for Wonder Woman 2, give some Best Director predictions before the Oscars this weekend, and catch up on some Quentin Tarintino...
What Are Marvel's New Mystery Movies? - SJU
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Oscars 2018: Snubs & Highlights! - SJU
Our SJ News panel recaps their favorite moments and their biggest snubs at the 2018 Oscars. PANEL: Roth Cornet Billy Business Roxy Striar Danielle Radford Subscribe Now! ▻▻
Is Low Box Office Killing the Oscars? - Charting with Dan!
Dan Murrell and Roth Cornet discuss how the box office performance of Best Picture winners affects the Oscars, plus a recap of the weekend box office! Subscribe Now! ▻▻
Star Wars Solo Trailer Arrives Plus Superbowl Trailers!! - SJU
The Super Bowl trailers are out and our SJ News crew talks about all of them! Solo, Jurassic World 2, Mission Impossible 6, Skyscraper, Infinity War and more! - It's SJU PANEL: Roth Cornet...
Honest Trailer Commentaries - Justice League
The writers of Honest Trailers give more thoughts on Justice League and then show you deleted scenes from their Honest Trailer of the movie! Original HT link: