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Screen Junkie's Andy Signore suspended over harassment allegations
In what seems like a whirlwind of news about men in and around Hollywood getting accused of sexual harassment and sexual assault. Honest Trailer's creator ...
Our very own Roth Cornet and Andy Signore give their thoughts on the highly anticipated new Blade Runner 2049 movie starring Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling, ...
Mother! - Review
Roth Cornet, Andy Signore, and Dan Murrell give their thoughts and review Darren Aronofsky's film "mother!" Subscribe Now!
Stephen King's IT Spoiler Review - Did the Changes Work?
Roth Cornet and Dan Murrell give their spoiler thoughts on It (2017) and how the changes from previous versions affected the movie. Subscribe Now!
Biggest Winners & Losers at The Emmys 2017! - SJU
Our SJ News team breaks down the Emmy's from last night. Who are the winners and losers? - It's SJU! PANEL Jay Washington Billy Business Spencer Gilbert ...
Netflix Delays The Punisher Release
Roth Cornet and Andy Signore react to the news that Marvel and Netflix are delaying the release of The Punisher series in light of recent events. Subscribe Now!
Best Cartoon of the 90's! - 90'S TV FIGHTS!!
Welcome to another episode of TV Fights! Join host Roxy Striar and fact checker Billy Business as fighters fight it out about all things TV! PICK YOUR FIGHT ...
Jokes on Leto! WB Wants Leonardo DiCaprio as The Joker! - SJU
The Hollywood Reporter is saying that Warner Bros. wants Leonardo DiCaprio to play their Joker in the recently announced Joker origins movie. Our SJ News ...
Marvel & Star Wars Officially OFF Netflix - SJU
Disney is officially pulling it's Marvel/Disney related content off Netflix. Our SJ News team breaks down what it it means for the future plus Suicide Squad 2 has a ...
Joker Origin Separate from DCEU & MAYBE The Batman Too!?! - SJU
DC is making a Joker origin story movie. Our SJ News teams break this and all the other news of the day down on SJU! Subscribe Now!