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88 days of our Cape Town summer compressed into one megasode! Our friend Ian lends us his Pajero, which we immediately start using to go on missions around Cape Town. First up- we head to the Boss 400 to explore the freezing ass water around Cape Town. Shortly after Brian fixes the turbo charger on Delos's main engine. We then take a road trip to Up The Creek and soak in a real Afrikans Festival in the middle of a floaty party in a river. Returning from our party adventures we hang out with the awesome pirates from SV Convivia where our friend Tucker ends up giving all 3 of us tattoos! Finally the Girl Crew season begins with the arrival of Miss England and Miss Austria. We begin preparing Delos to venture across the Atlantic from Africa to South America. Hope you enjoy and sending much love and peace to you all. - The Delos Crew Subscribe at This is our story, a story of three souls sailing around the world. It is a story about sailing and travel and adventure. But it's also a story about meeting amazing people and making life long friends. It's a story of people living their lives in an alternate way, in close connection with the beautiful people and amazing planet that we call home. Our experience has affected us so profoundly we want to share it, hoping that others may find inspiration to follow their dreams and do what they love. For more sailing around the World Action! Join the SV Delos Tribe! - Camera gear! - Support us on Patreon for unseen footage. - Subscribe to our new awesome website - Follow us on Instagram for more behind the scenes footage - Like us on Facebook - If you like what you see send us a cold one ;) - Support us buy a sweet Delos T-shirt! Send Us Love We LOVE sailing, we LOVE traveling, and we LOVE making videos about it! We're only half-way around the world, so there's plenty more to see! Your support will fund better camera gear, internet to upload videos, and of course creative lubricants to smooth the editing process :) Support Our Videos- Buy us a cold one. This is made possible by YOU! So thank you so much for all the love and support you guys are sending us! It means a lot! Much Love, Karin, Brian and Brady Music used in this video: 1:11 Ramukanji - Onetox - - 2:00 Seasons - Aso Chillhop Essentials 04:32 Savann (Fallondrin remix) - Max Noremo 09:05 London Sixteen66(Remix) - Good Luck 11:15 Barroom Ballet - Kevin MacLeod 19:21 Sunshine Falling - Lance Allen 21:18 Coconut Casino - Max Noremo 22:48 Daily Beetle - Kevin Macleod 23:39 Sun In My Face - Aso Chillhop Essentials 25:33 Hop On Hop Off - Good Luck 34:18 This Love I've Met- Guggenz - Chillhop Essentials 35:12 Something Between Us - Khudosoul - Chillhop Essentials 36:53 Quintal - FloFilz - Chillhop Essentials 45:18 Too Much - Vanilla - Chillhop Essentials 46:28 Foreign Exchange - Globuldub - Chillhop Essentials 48:10 Safari Haze - Floppy Circus - Chillhop Essentials - 50:12 Owl Farm - Brock Berrigan - Chillhop Essentials 51:08 Songs I Never Wrote - Dephrase - Chillhop Essentials 52:10 Hinterlands - GlobulDub - Chillhop Essentials

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