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The 60 Leotard Challenge is a competition to see how many leotards a gymnast or ballerina can put on in one minute. This test of speed and agility should not be underestimated…leotards don’t always cooperate. In this video, Blakely joins Whitney, but it didn’t seem fair to have Blakely try to put on leos with a broken leg. So, we changed the rules a bit and had Blakely put on hats instead of leotards in her race against the clock. In all the excitement, the official timer did not start the timer until nearly an entire minute had already passed! So this is actually the 120 Second Leotard Challenge. But that’s OK, because it allows an extra minute for Whitney to struggle with her leotards and for Blakely to model the latest fashions in headwear! SHOUT OUT: Breanna's Life: Be sure to subscribe for more videos! My Official Links: Whitney's YouTube Channel: Whitney's facebook: Whitney’s Instagram:

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