Seizures including, Tonic Clonic Seizure, Atonic Seizure, Myoclonic Seizure, Partial Seizure, Petit Mal seizure, Psychomotor Seizure.
Major Types of Seizures
Distinguishing 4 major types of seizures. Video created for presentation at Rasmussen College of Nursing.
What happens during a Seizure?
For more videos go to: For more information about this video, go to: ***Because I was still having seizures after my...
On The Doctors, Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall, Chief Medical Officer of Pfizer, and Dr. Travis Stork talk about what happens during a seizure and what you can do if you see someone having one. Check...
Grand mal seizures result of Synthetic Marijuana
Stay away from Synthetic Marijuana such a horrible drug.. My son in law now has to deal with this the rest of his life... My son in law (Coby) did not understand why we had to call ambulance...
Seizure Disorder NCLEX Neuro Review
Free EKG Cheat Sheet at: What are the different types of seizures and what do all the terms mean? This video covers the different types of seizures and nursing...
Wolfie's epileptic seizures
Wolife is a Siberian husky living in Istanbul Turkey. He has epilepsy and has seizures. This is the one we recorded at November 2, 2013 Saturday morning. What happens after the seizure is...
Kaitlin having seizures
This is Katie having what I'm pretty sure are mild infantile spasms. She used to have these until 2-3 years of age, and have returned since the start of her Banzel administration.
Types of Seizures
This is our last requirement for our NCM 104 under Sir Al Carumba.
Seizures and Children- you are NOT alone!
Educational video on Seizures in children (geared specifically towards 8 year olds) -actors are portraying 8 year old children.