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Shadow People Caught on Camera - Terrifying Footage
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A Brief History of the Shadow People
Shadowy spiritual beings have long been a staple of folklore. Stories of these supernatural entities have spanned centuries and cultures. But are these shadow people a physical embodiment of...
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Shadow People, Hat Man, Sleep Paralysis, Old Hag, Negitive Energy Vampires, Djinn Movie
The Shadow People are supernatural shadow-like humanoid figures that, according to believers, are seen flickering on walls and ceilings in the viewer's peripheral vision. They are often reported...
Shadow People - Art Bell radio show
Art Bell discusses the phenomenon known to many as 'shadow people.' read:
Top 15 Shadow People Caught On Tape Real Footage
Top 15 shadow people caught on tape real footage. In this video we take a look at real footage of shadow people caught on tape. Shadow people are said to be shadow-like creatures of supernatural...
12 Mysterious Shadow People Caught on Camera
Here are 12 shadow people caught on camera. From shadow people warning of tragic future events to a ghostly figure caught on camera on an X-Box Kinect, join us as we take a look at 12 mysterious...
Young Woman Says She Sees 'Shadow People' And Hides From Them
A young woman describes what she calls “shadow people” that she claims call her name and tell her to do things. Subscribe to Dr. Phil:
The Shadow People
Chilling stories from witnesses of dark, ill-defined beings highlight the strange, and possibly malicious, presence of the shadow people. With new insights from scientists regarding the structure...
The Types Of Shadow People That Haunt The Dark
There are a variety of creatures that fall under the category of shadow people. From the notorious hat man to demonic shadows with glowing red eyes, shadow people are a routinely encountered...