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bk shivani DIDI bk shivani DIDI is a spiritual and raj yoga meditation sister shivani DIDI teacher. She has also practiced the ancient technique of rajyoga meditation, as taught by the prajapita brahma kumaris ishwariya vishvavidyalaya, mount abu. media : since 2007, she has presented practical spiritual understanding through her tv programme ‘awakening with brahmakumaris’. The program is telecasted on, aastha & sanskar channels in india, along with star plus in usa, uk, asia, australia and middle east. The radio and television shows are a huge hit in close to 160 countries. topics that she speaks include: stress free lifestyle, leadership, emotional intelligence, exploring your inner power, self realisation, harmony in relationships and rajyoga meditation technique sister shivani peace of mind. Dvd/Cd : She has spiritual speaker the following some recorded sister shivani videos collection. some few subject programmes are makeing dvd and cds tv shows, such as live programme, rajyoga meditation course by bk shivani and meditation videos brahma kumaris and brahma kumaris guided meditation all you can get those recorded cd from brahma kumaris center. The workshops, seminars and tv programmes conducted by her have given inspiration to hundreds of professionals, young people and even children . This has helped shape their attitude towards religion, spirituality and way of living. Her guidance has encouraged people to overcome depression, mental stress, addictions, low self-esteem and other mental issues. Rajyoga Meditation :- raja yoga meditation is a method of relaxing, refreshing and recharging the mind. Lt helps you look inside to rediscover and reconnect with your original, spiritual essence and restore a healthy balance between your inner and outer worlds. Rajyoga meditation video in hindi by bk shivani meditation course on youtube. You can search brahma kumari sister shivani display some of the videos to releted meditation by bk videos. The topics covered in this series brahma kumaris raja yoga meditation in hindi lead to a deeper understanding of your true identity,knowing god, relationship with god, law of karma, cycle of time and spiritual lifestyle, ln time, this understanding becomes a natural part of your day to day awareness, constructively influencing how you see yourselfand how you relate to your world. Meditation is the method to - become intuitively aware of who you really are beyond the superficial labels of modern society; experience the core energy of your being which is peaceful, positive and powerful; direct that power into our abilities to create, communicate and co-operate with others; discern the real meaning of life and your unique purpose in this lifetime. 1,bk shivani 2,bk shivani latest videos 2014 3,sister shivani 4,bk shivani lectures 5,brahma kumari sister shivani 6,shivani brahmakumari 7,bk shivani meditation 8,brahma kumari shivani speech 9,shivani bk 10,sister shivani meditation 11,bk sister shivani 12,bk shivani lectures in hindi 13,bk shivani hindi 14,bk shivani videos 15,sister shivani videos 16,meditation by bk shivani 17,bk shivani quotes 18,thoughts of bk shivani 19,bk shivani latest videos 2017 20,bk shivani latest videos 2016 21,bk shivani latest videos 2015 ideos22,rajyoga meditation by sister shivani 23,bk shivani meditation course 24,shivani didi meditation 25,bk shivani peace of mind 26,sister shivani meditation video 27,shivani brahmakumari english 28,quotes by bk shivani 29,bk rajyoga meditation 30,sister shivani latest videos 2017 Thanks for watching. Share & Like

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