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© 2011 WMG From the new album 'Get Your Heart On!' available now - Directed By: Mark Staubach VERSE Can anybody hear me? Or am I talking to myself? My mind is running empty In this search for someone else Who doesn't look right through me It's all just static in my head Can anybody tell me why? I'm lonely like a satellite CHORUS Cause tonight I'm feelin' like an astronaut Sending SOS from this tiny box And I lost all signal when I lifted off Now I'm stuck out here and the world forgot Can I please come down? Cause I'm tired of drifting round and round Can I please come down? VERSE2 I'm deafened by the silence Is it something that I've done? I know that there are millions I can't be the only one Who's so disconnected It's so different in my head Can anybody tell me why? I'm lonely like a satellite BRIDGE Now I lie awake and scream In the zero gravity And it's starting to weigh down on me Let's abort this mission now Can I please come down? ALTERNATE CHORUS So tonight I'm calling all astronauts All the lonely people that the world forgot If you hear my voice, come pick me up Are you out there? Cause you're all I've got #Astronaut #SimplePlan #GetYourHeartOn #poppunk #rock #musicvideo

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