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James O'Barr Episode 1-7 This sketch of Eric Draven aka The Crow was filmed on October 11th 2014 at New York Comic-Con. I first came to know The Crow through the first feature film staring Brandon Lee in what would be his last movie and than later found new love in the original graphic novel. Over the years this book has been read repeatably, beaten, probably water damaged and finally last year signed by a Mr. James O'Barr, writer, artist and creator. I think what stuck out most with this story was he really wanted you to see what Eric lost and that this wasn't just about vengeance, it was about justice in an unfair world. As a teen when I was first introduced to this tale I had a lot of misplaced anger (probably more than some) and this book was really something special to me during that time. It's for that reason that this sketch is extra special to me. I hope you all enjoy. Although this is the last to be published this was the first of three sketches filmed over that weekend each drawn by different artists attending 2014's NYCC.

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