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Today I made 3 kinds of slime at a sleepover with my bff Annie! See Cotton Candy Fluffy Slime recipe here Annie vlogs also here hung a hammock, swam in the pool, ordered pizza and had a ton of fun hanging out with you all on our instagram live stream during our sleepover! Thanks for watching! Instagram @hopemnixon Want to win a shoutout in my next YT video? Here’s how: 1. SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel here 2. Leave a comment with the hashtag #SLEEPOVER in your favorite video telling me WHY you love it! 3. I'll read everyone's messages and choose my favorite comments & give you a shoutout in next week’s video! Get SuperHeroKids Stickers for iMessage here Play Cookie Jam here JazzyGirlStuff here Annie's Vlogs here SuperHeroKids here SnapChat username superherokids My favorite things are friends, birthday parties, gifts and presents, challenges, DIY bathbombs, how to, slime, squishies and shopkins!

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