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We’ve all heard of mermaids, fairies, and dragons before. To keep things interesting, here are some mythical creatures and beings you might not be so familiar with. Subscribe to Talltanic 5.Soucouyant She comes from Caribbean folklore and is an amalgam of a shapeshifter, vampire, a black-magic witch, and a huge fireball. The soucouyant takes the appearance of an old woman during the day. She lives in a shack by herself, which allows her to strip off her skin at night and stow it away while she turns into her true form: a blazing fireball. As a fireball, she travels through the night sky in search of her next victim. Like a vampire, she feeds off of blood. If she’s chosen you as a meal, you’ll notice bruises on your body the following morning. In order to catch a soucouyant, one must put piles of rice around the house. She’s weirdly obligated to pick up every single grain of rice she comes across and likely cannot complete the task before sunrise, so you can catch her in the act. Otherwise, you must find her hidden skin and pour salt over it. This is make it so she cannot crawl back into her old lady skin before dawn. 4. Wyvern No, we’re not talking about dragons here. Wyverns and dragons have two distinct differences. The first is that wyverns only have two legs. Traditionally, dragons have four. Does that mean Daenerys is actually the Mother of Wyverns? It turns out we’re not the first to ask that question, but let us know what you think down below. Wyverns are also more associated with ice and water than they are fire. Actually, there is a whole category of wyverns that have fish tails. They are more bestial than dragons, often being depicted as less intelligent. Finally, wyverns do not have the power to breathe fire like their four-legged counterparts, but they do have a venomous bite. 3. Blemmyes The ancient times were weird. People didn’t understand the world outside the boundaries of their hometown. So, to fill in the blanks, people made up fantastic stories about what things lie in the Great Beyond. The Blemmyes were actually a tribe of people populating Nubia in the 600s BC. Herodotus first wrote of headless men with eyes and mouths in their chests in the 5th century BC. He was writing based on hearsay, and Pliny the Elder followed suit. Pliny equated these men with a tribe living in Nubia and the story stuck throughout the Middle Ages. Even Sir John Mandeville claimed the Blemmyes were a real race, though he placed them in Asia. 2. Les Dames Blanches These are a type of fairy woman, sometimes referred to as a type of banshee. “Les Dames Blanches” translates into English as “The White Ladies.” Their name doesn’t refer to the color of their skin or their clothes, but because they are considered “washer women” who take care of the white bed linens. Dames Blanches can be found near bridges, ravines, or other enclosed spaces near water. If you happen upon one, she’ll likely ask you to dance with her or help her complete her chores. Those who agree will be allowed to pass through her territory before she vanishes into thin air. Those who do not agree are thrown from the bridge or into the river. Les Dames Blanches are not really good nor evil, but they are capricious. Their familiars, les lutins, are much the same. 1. Dullahan There have been a few creatures on this list that are not really evil. They’re just bored and mess around with humans for fun, like the leshy, or don’t really have much to do with humans at all, like the azukiarai. The Dullahan is not one of those creatures. For those of us familiar with The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, start with that image in your mind. Then, make it into the most twisted, nightmare version of the Headless Horseman you can imagine. A terrifying tooth-filled grin, stretching from ear to ear; small, black eyes; and an eerie, sickly glow to the skin--these are some of his features. The Dullahan carries its own head under his arm, lifting it up to get a better view of his victims. He rides a black horse and is armed with a whip, crafted from a human spine. He rides out every single night and when he stops, the head is lifted into the air and speaks only once: the name of the person he seeks and who will not make it through the night.

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