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5 Strangest Things Accidentally Filmed In Movies! Description: I think we all love watching movies . Atleast I do.Well there are some popular films that happen strange things withoout any explination. And im not just talking about a person who is accidently on the scene. Therere also paranormal cases that will leave you in complete shock. With all this said Top 5 Supreme bring you 5 Strangest Things Accidentally Filmed In Movies! Lets Roll! 1 What we are going to see is part of a famous saga thats still being released. I'm talking about the pirates of the caribbean. It is a pirate movie starring Johnny Deep and Orlando Bloom and contains romance and action. But in one of the last scenes in the movie The Curse of the Black Pearl someone who doesnt look like a pirate appears in the background. We can easily assure you that this guy is not one of the pirates since he has a white T-shirt and a cowboy hat. People think that hes a worker who appeared accidently on the scene.But i have to point out that directors always makes sure that these mistakes dont ocurr. That's why everything is sooo strange. Lets take a look at the video. 2 What we are going to see next is one of the most important movies of Hollywood. This is the Wizard of Oz. The last thing we expect from this film is something paranormal.Well I have to say that this innocent movie hides a very terrible story. It is said that one of the secondary actors killed himself because he was treated poorly. The terrible part is that the man supposedly did it during the shooting. And thats the reason why they made a second edition. There are people who think that it was the mans spirit! Hers the video! 3 In this number were going to talk about a scene from the movie Hancock. Is a film starring this famous actor. Hes one of the best actors in the world! Yes, hes Will smith! In this movie Will is an alcoholic superhero, and its full of action and amazing scenes. But in one of the scenes, something happened that left everyone wondering. All of a sudden we can see a strange body thats walking in the middle of a battle. It doesnt make any sence since it has nothing to do with the movie. Lets take a good look at it! 4. In this video were going to see one of the most popular scary movies of all time. Yes! Were talking about The Ring. This psycholagical film is about a cursed videotape that whoever watches it dies in 7 days. I assure that there re still people who have nightmares with this creepy girl. It turns out that in one of the scenes something very wierd happens. But I have to say that no one that worked in this movie had a clear explination. Some think that its someone who was accidently there. Lets watch the video! 5 In this position we are going to talk about a comedy movie starring Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear. It's called Stuck On You. Those who have seen this famous movie will know that its about Siamese twins. But the scene that we are going to see next its not usually seen in comedy films. Since its a scary and unexpected scene At the beginning of the movie theres a creepy face under the bed. See it with your own eyes. Here it is! Background Music: Kevin MacLeod - The House Ending Song: Something New - Joakim Karud : For Copyright Issues, Please Feel Free to E-mail me: _________________________________________________________________ Thank you SOOO Much for watching this video! Give it a like if you liked this video, share it with some of your friends and of course, do not forget to subscribe for the Best Lists!

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