sunie tatum

Sunie's Introduction
Hello, My name is Sunie Tatum. I live in Washingtion State near Seattle. I am married and we have been together 6 1/2 years. We have two children together. My daughter is almost 3 years old,...
Tatum Family Concert
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Happy 33rd Birthday Tatum Twins
Footage from July 13-14, 2017 ↓↓↓MORE INFO BELOW↓↓↓ Kevin and Jeremy are 33 and 33 has never looked so good! New Videos every Monday, Wednesday and Friday! (with occasional...
Doctors Tatum {August 28, 2015}
All three of our kids are doctors. Yeah, I know it's kind of a big deal :-) ↓↓↓More Info Below↓↓↓ Cameras we use: Cannon ELPH 350HS → Sony Handycam...
Pumpkin Patch 2012
5 Months overdue, but better late than never! Finally catching up with our vlogs. Enjoy this footage from our pumpkin patch trip last October! Be sure to check us out at: Our Blog: www.fulloveit....
It's a Pizza Cook-off!
Family Pizza Cook-off. Team Daddy Tatum vs Team Mama Tatum. May the best team win!
Meet the Tatums {August 31, 2015}
A semi-brief introduction/update on who we are and where we are now. (I greatly apologize in advance that the first half of this video is slightly out of focus. I had no idea until I was editing)...
Gender Reveal {It's a...}
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Pregnancy Announcement! What's cooking in the Tatum Household?
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