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Mix inspired by Blader Runner 2049. Enjoy the trip into the future ! Mixtape for gaming, dreaming, driving and whatever you want to do really :) Stay rad and subscribe ! TRACKLIST : 00:00:00 Turbo Knight - Mirrorverse 00:04:21 Invsble City - Neon Crusader 00:07:49 Flux Gemini - Andromeda 00:14:11 Speed Machine - Signal From Out There 00:19:27 Nightboat- Worlds Apart 00:23:40 26Hate - Cybernetic War 00:27:28 ALIX 2084 - The End Justify The Means 00:30:35 Dynatron - Dust of the Saturn 00:35:24 Aes Deniz - Death is a Mercy 00:39:20 Earmake & Dynatron - Galactic Odyssey 00:43:30 Earmake - In Your Dreams 00:46:26 Lone Runner - Renegade 00:51:12 The Storm is Coming - Endless Grid 00:56:36 Justin Geer - Aetherian Powerdrive Animation : Beeple Pictures : (full credit & URLs coming tomorrow) Want your music on my channel ? Submissions : Latest news on Twitter : Support me on Patreon : No copyright infringement intended, I do not own any of the tracks and the pictures featured in this video. Please support the artists if you like their music.

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