targeted enforcement

Fugitive Operations Targeted Enforcement Action - LA
May 2017 - A convicted rapist and a previously deported cocaine trafficker are among those arrested in the greater Los Angeles, California area by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Fugitive...
Md. Immigrants Concerned About "Targeted Enforcement Operations"
George Solis reports.
ICE Targeted Enforcement Operations - Pres Trump & Illegal Immigration - O'Reilly
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Under heavy surveillance by Law Enforcement, LAPD FBI CIA NSA. Gangstalking, targeted Individuals
Pay attention to the undercovers, black suburbans, cops, Ups trucks, and the people walking their dogs. This is how law enforcement covertly surveill a target.
Deportation fears following targeted enforcement
ABC-7's Josie Ortegon reports from the New Mexico Mobile Newsroom.
Major Motorcycle Club Targeted in SoCal Raids
Hundreds of law enforcement officers swept across seven Southern California counties on Thursday targeting members and leaders of the Vagos motorcycle club, some of whom are accused of crimes...
More than 680 arrested in targeted nationwide ICE operations
News 2 at 4:30A.
Local law enforcement stepping up safety protocols after targeted shootings
In just over a week there were five police shootings across the country. Now, law enforcement agencies across the valley are stepping up their safety procedures for officer safety.
"Triumph Over Targeting" Interview with Attorney & Targeted Individual, Susan
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Gang stalker with Macomb County Sheriff's Enforcement Taskforce.Targeted Individuals.
This is one of the undercover detectives with the Macomb County Sheriff's that followed me everywhere I would go with many other perps that ran off when I started Filming this happened at the...