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HEY GUYS! This song is now on itunes and spotify!!!! here are the links: since i am a huge dan and phil fan (they're my fav youtubers), i thought i'd write an appreciation song for them. i worked hard on this song, & dan and phil actually saw this!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of you guys who helped make that happen!!!!! also shoutout to elizabeth for watching me write this song over facetime. ;) © 2016 here are my social medias! Lyrics: “Thank You Dan & Phil” By Caroline Dare ©2016 capo 7th with verse G D Em C and bridge Em C G D You don’t know me, but I know you and There’s something you need to know You mean so much to me It’s hard to believe My life would change from a click of a video Watching all your fringe checks Existential crisis Kayne West and cringe attacks Yeah Phil is my smol bean Dan is my tall bean I am Dan and Phil meme trash Number one! (Chorus) Let’s draw cat whiskers with sharpie I’ll hear you on BBC We’ll go play some scary video games Let’s get to baking, Here’s a whisk; Who would’ve thought it’d come to this Llamas, lions, black, and blue Thank you Dan and Phil Hello Internet Let’s take things out of context Hi guys I’ve got a story to tell We’ll always procrastinate Crafting squareflakes We’ll awkwardly take care of Dil (Repeat Chorus) (Bridge) Who would’ve ever thought that a girl Could love two youtubers so much You helped her out of her sadness You told her she was good enough I didn’t cry, instead I crafted I’ll always be laughing When I see you through the screen And I just wanna tell you That I appreciate you You’ve done so much for me (Repeat Chorus) Here’s to you Thank you Dan and Phil Oh Oh Oh Dan and Phil

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