the black monday murders

Lets review The Black Monday Murders! This is a new book by Jonathan Hickman dealing with money, power and...occult worship of ancient gods? Subscribe: As a Jonathan Hickman fan, it was hard for me not to pick up The Black Monday Murders, since I have enjoyed every other work by him so far. Thankfully, this one doesn't disappoint either. Hickman and Coker take us on a ride through the world of our financial elite, but they didn't get there by simply being good at business or one step ahead of the curve. Instead, The Black Monday Murders deals in worship of old gods, like Mammon, which can be seen as wealth or the god that can grant it. This is such a good book and it turns the world of high finance and the ultra wealthy on its ear. When the time comes a tax must be paid, and this time it's in blood. Follow on Facebook: Catch up with Stan on Twitter: @EvolutionofStan

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