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Disclaimer: I do not own anything in this video. No copyright infringement intended. John Williams - the man, the myth, the legend. Here are my top 10 tracks. What would you change? 10. "Hymn To The Fallen," Saving Private Ryan 00:00-06:08 9. "Anakin's Theme," Star Wars: Episode 1 (gulp!) 06:09-09:16 8. "Saying Goodbye," E.T. 09:17-16:02 7. "Yoda's Theme," Empire Strikes Back 16:03-19:31 6. "Mom Returns," Home Alone 19:32-23:50 5. "Toy Planes, Home, and Hearth," Empire Of The Sun 23:51-28:25 4. "Reunion Of Friends," Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets 28:26-33:33 3. "You Are The Pan," Hook 33:34-37:32 2. "Schindler's Theme," Schindler's List 37:33-42:00 1. "A Tree For My Bed," Jurassic Park 42:01-44:21 Here are some more lists for you! James Newton Howard's Top 10 Songs: Michael Giacchino's Top 10 Songs: James Horner's Top 10 Songs: Hans Zimmer's Top 10 Songs: 15 Best of the Rest Songs:

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