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A look into some of the most famous celebrities and their strange alter-ego type behaviour - in the trauma-based mind control programme known as MK-ULTRA. Including a look into its symbol - the butterfly. Many celebrities, politicians, news reporters and murderers all appear to be under this form of mind control and now it is being shown in the blockbuster movies and TV shows GET OUT and Westworld, but how many really know what’s going on? This video will change everything you know about the world around you and the COST of making it to the top. Alter Egos/WEIRD and STRANGE Celebrity Humanoid/Clone/Demon Behaviours/Illuminati & Hollywood! A Must Watch! Like, Share & Subscribe for more content in the future! Other videos you should watch: PROOF All News Channels Follow the SAME SCRIPT TOP 7 REASONS WHY THE FLAT EARTH MATTERS Flat Earth AWAKENINGS - Nikola Tesla, Hitler & the CONSTRUCT No Forests on the Flat Earth RESPONSE (The Pre-Flood World) Giant TREES! Thanks for watching. God bless!

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