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So daily vlogging is still a relatively new concept. Before YouTube, if someone pitched the idea of filming their everyday life to a TV network, they probably would have been laughed out the door. However now millions of people around the world tune in daily to watch their favorite vloggers go about their day. So in this list i'll be showing you 5 of the top vloggers on YouTube. While its very difficult to rank who is the best as its really up to personal opinion, I'll be looking at a range of stats. Who's growing the fastest, how many subs, like to dislike ratio, comments, and overall quality of their content. 5) Joey Graceffa - Joey Graceffa has been one of the biggest names on YouTube for many years. He has consistently grown in the last few years, always getting at least over 10 million views a month. He now boasts over 6.4 million subscribers and is just a few million away from touching 1 billion total views. In the last 30 days hes gained close to 40 million views and over 200,000 subscribers. He's very dedicated to his channel, and aims to make his audience smile. 4) ShayTards - Probably one of the most famous vlog families on YouTube. Shay Carl the father makes sure his videos are always positive and spread happiness. The channel is growing very fast, and is one of the fastest growing channels on YouTube in the last 30 days. He's also recently did a collab with Roman Atwood, another hugely popular vlogger. In the last 30 days he's gained over 270,000 subscribers and over 46 million views. Shay Carl has been vlogging for well over 7 years now, making him one of the original YouTube vloggers. 3) DoseOfFousey - Better known as FouseyTube or by his real name Yousef Erakat, its fair to say he's had quite a few ups and downs in his career. He has taken a few breaks from vlogging in the past but has always come back bigger and stronger than ever. In the last 30 days he's been the second fastest growing vlog channel on YouTube. He's gained close to a half a million subscribers, and almost 50 million views. His new uploads are also now breaking the million view mark per video. He keeps his vlogs very real and doesn't just share the good moments to his viewers. 2) RomanAtwoodVlogs - Roman Atwood has been at the top of YouTube for years. He first dominated the prank game, now hes arguably the biggest daily vlogger. In fact his vlog channel is the fastest growing vlog channel on all of YouTube. In the last 30 days, only 2 other channels gained more subscribers than he did. He gained close to a million subscribers in the last 30 days and a whopping 208 million views. So what makes him so popular? I think the key with his vlogs is the positively and endless amounts of fun and crazy activities he does. There's never a boring day in the Atwood house hold. His videos appeal to a large audience, and are designed to bring happiness to millions. It's almost impossible to find any negative themes in his vlogs and even the harshest of critics will be won over by his happy & positive lifestyle. and before I get to number 1 for the first time ever and shamelessly copying watchmojo, here are some honourable mentions. Alex Wassabi - BFvGF - FunForLouis - Matthew Santoro Vlogs - MoreZoella - Mo Vlogs - PointlessBlogVlogs - SyndicateCentral - ThatcherJoeVlogs - 1) Casey Neistat - He may not be the biggest in terms of subs. But he is one of the fastest growing vlog channels on YouTube. Casey Neistat is generally regarded as the king of vlogging. While the typical vlogs on YouTube are very basic. Casey has taken this concept and turned it into an art form. His vlogs contain everything from amazing drone footage, time lapses, cool music all edited together in a fast paced yet entertaining fashion. Also living in the heart of New York city means there's always something happening in his vlogs. I believe the success of his channel comes down to a few things. His consistency and upload schedule is down to the minute, plus he has a very unique and cool style that hasn't really been seen on YouTube before. In the last 30 days, Casey has had over 82 million views and close to 400,000 subs. and it seems those numbers are only growing every week, as he slowly but surely takes over YouTube.

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