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They are the scenes from films we never forget (and sometimes the only part of the movie we remember). Here are our Top 10 Best Scenes in Movie History! Subscribe: What did you think of the list? Do you disagree with any of our picks? Feel like we left out or misrepresented any of the scenes? What do you think are the most unforgettable scenes? What do you think it is that makes certain scenes stand out? What other topics would you like to see us cover in future editions of CineFix Movie Lists? Let us know in the comments! THE LIST Explosive Acting: ­ The Deer Hunter ­- Russian Roulette Robert DeNiro is able to express some of the most extreme human emotions to make us believe that it is a life or death situation. Humor: Modern Times - Automatic Eating Machine Charlie Chaplin was a comic genius, but pair him with an out of control robot and it’s a humor masterpiece. Incredible Set Piece:­ Rear Window - Opening A scene that gives us all the background we need to know without a single word. Heart Wrenching: Persona - Repeated Scene We hear a story that is so brutal and rattling but somehow manages to be beautiful too. Simmering Tension: No Country for Old Men - Coin Toss A scene that made us feel as threatened as the character in danger. Slow Burn To Big Explosion: Once Upon A Time in the West - Opening The subtlety of the banality of life lulls us into security until the screech of a train and eventually a shootout. Hauntingly Beautiful: The Mirror - Burning House So simple and yet it stays etched in your mind. Action: Saving Private Ryan - Normandy Landing A showcase of the horrors of war that leads into the greater plot of the film. Romance: Barry Lyndon - Card Game Seduction Like a painting brought to life. Just Plain Conversation: The Master - Processing Scene Complex dialog, superb editing, and skillful acting combine to form a scene that is a true masterpiece. Want to send us stuff? CineFix c/o Mike Cruz PO BOX 351213 Los Angeles, CA 90035 Watch More Recent Cinefix Videos: Creed Review! ­- Cinefix Now Star Wars: The Art of Sprite Building ­- 8­-Bit Cinema Behind­ The­ Scenes Action Hero Wars Winner is Crowned! ­- Movie Wars! Legend Review! ­- Cinefix Now The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 Review! ­- Cinefix Now MEMENTO / THE LIMEY 7 MORE Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About The Hunger Games! BEATRIX KIDDO (THE BRIDE) vs ELLEN RIPLEY ­- Action Hero Wars­XIdy11DBQ Top 10 Most Influential Directors of All Time BEATRIX KIDDO (THE BRIDE) vs INDIANA JONES -­ Action Hero Wars RIPLEY vs DUTCH -­ Action Hero Wars­a3_DY Casino Royale ­- What’s The Difference? Spectre Review! ­- CineFix Now 7 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Léon: The Professional! The Scariest Movies! -­ CineFix Now Roundtable AUSTIN POWERS / OSS 117 Army of Darkness -­ 8-Bit Cinema The Walking Dead (Season 3) -­ What’s the Difference? Trumbo Review -­ CineFix Now­6iQbN4MdkQ Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer! -­ CineFix Now­M9o Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer­ -Homemade Shot for Shot

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