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As with most videos games, wow has had its fair share of bugs and poorly implemented ideas over its 10 year run. This video will talk about a few of those things in a list style video, because videos always get more views this way. 10-Wall Jumping 9-Typhoon 8-Honor amoung thieves 7-Vanilla windfury 6-Battleshout 5-Seal of truth - Rek bomb 4-Entis Quenched Sord - also ilv200 fishing pole 3-Drowned Lizard tail 2-A few raid bugs -Oozeling,platform, Yogg-0, LK 1- Season 5 DK's ---Videos used--- WoW Wall Jumping Tutorial - Madman1o1 Tribute to WoW Wall Climbing - qwertyaphid Druid Typhoon Bug - Kathygamer Unbreakable Warlord Shaman WoW PvP Ragnaros Sulfuras - chumppi Patreon - Where you can vote on/and suggest videos to be made. Twitter - Facebook - Tumblr - Stream - A few segments from this video are pretty much copied word for word from this reddit thread I created - For some reason I thought it was ok because they were just comments, and comments in a thread that I created. But I didnt really realize until after the fact that thats kinda dumb reasoning.

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