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2017 is here and that means it is time to reflect on 2016. Here are my Top 5 Comic Books of 2016 from Indie publishers like Image, Dark Horse and others. Subscribe here: ----- 2016 was a great year for independent comic books and while some long running series like Walking Dead and Saga have had great issues, a lot of newer books stepped up and came to play. Here are my top 5 comic books for 2016 from independent publishers. Overall, these books might not be the best critically, artistically or have the best writing, but they are the books I enjoyed the most and the ones I would want to share with my friends. Renato Jones: The One % - Kaare Andrews A vicious and violent take on the modern aristocracy, which is labeled the one % because of their incomes. Renato Jones unleashes beautiful violence on these people that hide their fetishes and crimes behind their money and power. Like a rich version of the Punisher, he cleans house and gets the girl while he does it. Read more here: Renato Jones Vol. 1 - The Fix - Nick Spencer - Steve Lieber Roy and Mac are two detectives in LA. Roy is looking to break into Hollywood and sell his screenplay while Mac just wants a dog. Both aren’t very good at their day job, which is being a cop, but they are more than open to any opportunities that come their way; legal or otherwise. A ridiculous and violent romp through LA. Read more here: The Fix Vol. 1 - The Black Monday Murders - Jonathan Hickman - Tomm Coker The Black Monday Murders is classic occultism where the various schools of magic are actually clandestine banking cartels who control all of society: a secret world where vampire Russian oligarchs, Black popes, enchanted American aristocrats, and hitmen from the International Monetary Fund work together to keep ALL OF US in our proper place. Read more here: The Black Monday Murders Vol. 1 - Seven To Eternity - Rick Remender - Jerome Opena The God of Whispers has spread an omnipresent paranoia to every corner of the kingdom of Zhal; his spies hide in every hall spreading mistrust and fear. Adam Osidis, a dying knight from a disgraced house, must choose between joining a hopeless band of magic users in their desperate bid to free their world of the evil God, or accepting his promise to give Adam everything his heart desires. Read more here: Seven To Eternity Vol. 1 - Kill Or Be Killed - Ed Brubaker - Sean Phillips The twisted story of a man that is forced to kill bad people and how he struggles to hide this secret and keep it from destroying his life. Read more here: Kill Or Be Killed Vol. 1 - Descender - Jeff Lemire - Dustin Nguyen A collection of one shot style stories that dives deep into the backstory of each cast member and how they came to be in this place. How will these stories impact things moving forward? Read more here: Descender (Singularities) Vol. 3 - Black Hammer - Jeff Lemire - Dean Ormston Once they were heroes, but the age of heroes has long since passed. Banished from existence by a multiversal crisis, the old champions of Spiral City--Abraham Slam, Golden Gail, Colonel Weird, Madame Dragonfly, and Barbalien--now lead simple lives in an idyllic, timeless farming village from which there is no escape! But as they employ all of their super abilities to free themselves from this strange purgatory, a mysterious stranger works to bring them back into action for one last adventure! Read more here: Black Hammer Vol. 1 - ----- Follow on Facebook: Catch up on Twitter:

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