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These are my top five dances from So You Think You Can Dance. *Excuse the poor quality of some of the videos. It was the best I could find. 5) Kayla & Kapono (Contemporary): This dance is captivating. You can feel the struggle that's going on between these two people. It's danced so well, and the choreography is amazing. 4) Lacey & Danny (Samba): I love how funky this dance is. For me, Lacey steals the show, which is expected since she is the ballroom dancer. She brings so much more to the dance than the typical moves you expect to see. The dance is light, fun, well done, and I adore Lacey's shoes. 3) Heidi & Travis (Contemporary): Sometimes I forget how amazing Travis Wall is as a dancer. He transforms this dance into something more than the movement and the message. I could watch this number over and over again. 2) Kent & Neil (Contemporary): With this dance you can experience how amazing Travis Wall is as a choreographer. This number is so beautifully done on every level. When Kent is stabbed in the back, you can feel his pain. This dance pairs my two favorite contestants who dance so well together (Shoeless Joe as well). 1) Lacey & Neil (Contemporary): Mia Michael's creates something that is more than dance with this heart touching number. The story brings tears to my eyes, and it is danced will so much that you can't help but be transported into what is being danced. As the judges said, sometimes dance goes beyond technique, and that is what happened during this performance. Thank you for watching, and comments are welcome. *All clips used for this video are the property of and copyrighted by Fox, Dick Clark Productions Inc., and 19 Entertainment Ltd., as well as all songs being the property of and copyrighted by the original artists, their producers, and their record labels.

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