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Top 20 Nonstop Baba Songs Powerful & Motivational Songs 1-Ye Mat Kaho Khudase - 00:00 to 04:19 2-A Khuda Tu Bata - 4:20 to 9:47 3-Jaise Sochoge Tum - 9:48 to 15:36 4-Prem Se Bas Do Ghadi - 15:40 to 19:05 5-Sab Kuch To Mil Gaya Hey - 19:05 to 24:47 6-Tum To Yahi Kahi Baba - 24:50 to 30:15 7-Aao Prabhu Sharan Aao - 30:19 to 38:32 8-Jivan Ki Naiya Kar De - 38:32 to 45:06 9-Om Shanti Om - 45:06 to 51:14 10-Mere Param Pita Parmatma - 51:14 to 58:45 11 - Ishwar Apane Sath Hey - 58:45 to 1:04:50 12-Jane Kya Dekha Mujha Me - 1:04:50 to 1:10:01 13-Jivan Ke Data - 1:10:01 to 1:15:54 14-Sneha Pyar Ki Tumase Baba - 1:15:54 to 1:23:20 15 - Hum Udake Chale - 1:23:20 to 1:34:11 16 - Prabhu Tere Rang Me - 1:34:11 to 1:40:08 17-Sanso Ke Tar Tar Me - 1:40:08 to 1:45:19 18- Tumhara Pyar oo Baba - 1:45:19 to 1:51:58 19- Vo Mera Baba = 1:51;58 to 1:56;44 20- Prabhu Milan Ki Mastiyon Me - 1:56:44 to 2:01:59 **THIS VIDEO IS DEDICATED TO GOD FATHER SHIVA** PRAJAPITA BRAHMA KUMARIS ISHWARIYA VISHWA VIDYALAYA. BRAHMAKUMARIS WORLD SPIRITUAL UNIVERSITY(Mount Abu). We have a beautiful gift: the ability to create our own happiness. Let us awaken it. Let us realize it, own it,and use it. Together, let us take ourfirst steps towards a better world. Meditation is the method to - Become intuitively aware of who you really are beyond the superficial labels of modern society; Experience the core energy of your being which is peaceful, positive and powerful; Direct that power into our abilities to create, communicate and co-operate with others; Discern the real meaning of life and your unique purpose in this lifetime. The Brahma Kumaris OM SHANTI The Brahma Kumaris teaches Rajyoga as a way of experiencing peace of mind and a positive approach to life. The organisation provides opportunities to people from all religious and cultural backgrounds to explore their own spirituality and learnskills of reflection and meditation derived from Rajyoga, which will help develop inner calm, clear thinking and personal well-being. We all have the same resources but one of the factors that make us all unique is how we use those resources - physical, mental and spiritual. Subscribe Our Channel click here Link Om Shanti

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