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Top 5 SCARIEST Ghost Sightings CAUGHT ON VIDEO! (Ghosts Caught on Camera) Subscribe to our channel here Watch part 1 here: Top 5 SCARIEST GHOST SIGHTINGS Caught On Camera 2016! (Ghost Sightings 2016) Follow us on Twitter to be informed when we post: Like our Facebook page for exclusive updates: Credit to these videos: 5 4 3 2 1 Check out our previous Top 5 videos here: Top 5 SCARIEST Moments in Youtube Videos! (Scariest Moments Caught On Youtube) Top 5 SCARIEST YOUTUBER VIDEOS! (Scariest Videos Posted by Youtubers) Top 10 SCARIEST Clown Videos Caught on Youtube! (Creepy Killer Clown Sightings On Camera #2) Top 15 SCARIEST Clown Sightings Caught on Youtube! (Creepiest Killer Clown Sightings On Camera) Top 5 SCARIEST Ouija Board Challenge Videos! (Scary Ouija Board Videos)

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