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7 UNSOLVED Jungle Mysteries From missing dutch girls to uncontacted tribes to missing millionaires to strange rituals and a city of...giants? These are the top 7 Unsolved Jungle Mysteries. Narration provided by JaM Advertising New Mexico Michael Clark Rockefeller was a member of one of the world's most powerful and influential families, yet rather than a career in politics or finance like his father and grandfathers, what Michael dreamt of was an adventure, an exploration of the last remaining places on earth untouched by man. But sadly it was this wanderlust which was to be his undoing, and he was to endure a gruesome fate even his rich-ass family couldn't save him from. Many ancient myths and legends tell of giant humans who once roamed the Earth, but could such a race of people actually have existed? And if so, has the dense canvas of the jungle kept these giant humans secret? In the 1980s a huge amount of deforestation took place across the Amazon rainforest, because if there's one thing humanity loves it's shaving Mother Nature bare. But when the trees were removed and the forest floor was exposed an interesting discovery was made; a series of ring-shaped ditches dug out of the earth, right in the middle of the jungle. Confirmed as being man-made, investigations revealed these ditches were dug a long time ago, way before the Amazon rainforest even existed. It is estimated the Amazon contains around 100 tribes humanity is yet to formally shake hands with, but as much of the jungle is unmapped and tough to traverse this number is just an estimate, and could be much higher. On January 13 2007 this woman emerged from the Cambodian jungle covered in filth, marked with deep scars, and completely naked, and to this day nobody knows who she is or where she came from. At first a local family claimed she was their long lost daughter Rochom P'ngieng who disappeared aged 9 in 1988 along with her sister, yet when DNA tests were arranged the family mysteriously cancelled them.

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