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Top 10 WORST EDITING MISTAKES IN MOVIES! Enter our FREE Giveaway Here: Part 1 Top 5 WORST EDITING MISTAKES IN MOVIES! Follow us on Twitter to be informed when we post: Like our Facebook page for exclusive updates: Videos we used (watch and sub to them) 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Check out our previous Top 5 videos here: Top 5 CRAZIEST Youtube PLAYBUTTON Rewards! (Pewdiepie Ruby Playbutton , Kwebbelkop & More!) Top 10 MOST EXPENSIVE Youtuber Houses! (Faze House LA, Roman Atwood, & More!) Top 5 Magic Tricks GONE HORRIBLY WRONG Caught On Camera! (Magic Tricks Gone Wrong) Top 5 Youtubers SCARED SHITLESS in Videos! (Pewdiepie, KSIOlajidebt & More!)

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