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when you try all the sounds and beats on your synth while only playing toto - africa
hello my dudes it has been 9 years but i have returned with some more garbage for you to enjoy.. (thank you guys for always being so nice and supportive) And thank you so much for watching!...
When you try all the sounds and beats on your synth (while only playing coldplay - viva la vida)
I managed to drop my synth so the left wheel (closest to the camera) broke off so now there's just a big empty hole (just like my heart)... Thank you so much for watching! my social media:...
Toto - Africa for Brass Sextet
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10 Songs in the Style of Ozzy Osbourne | feat. EROCK
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Take On Me in 20 Styles ft. Seth Everman
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Mans Not Hot IN 8 GENRES
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10 Songs in the Style of Metallica | Feat. EROCK
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Africa [8 Bit Tribute to Toto] - 8 Bit Universe
8 Bit version of Africa, a tribute to Toto Get this track on Bandcamp - *DO NOT USE 8BU CONTENT WITHOUT PERMISSION* Email us at and...
music genre: video game 2
hey guys it's been almost a year since i posted the first one of these videos and this one is just as bad if you enjoy that synth shirt and hat and stuff i wear in this video then i'm just...
System Of A Down - Chop Suey | Ten Second Songs 20 Style Cover
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