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Dr. Travis Goes under the Knife!
Here's an up-close look as Dr. Travis Stork goes under the knife with orthopedic spine surgeon Dr. Hooman Melamed. Dr. Melamed takes us through the spine surgery that gave Dr. Travis his...
Dr Travis Stork Suffers Vertigo Live on Stage - Feb 2015
Dr. Travis Stork Gives 19-Year-Old Ultrasound Results: ‘It’s Heartbreaking’
A woman claims her teen daughter, who is a diabetic, is not taking care of herself during her pregnancy. See what the ultrasound results reveal about the health of the unborn child. http://drphil....
Life Lessons: Dr. Travis Stork On Taking Risks | Better | NBC News
Dr. Stork believes in taking risks. In his words: "If you want life to be an adventure, it can be." » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video:
Woman Says She Chose to Blind Herself -- Dr. Travis Stork Weighs In
Amber, aka “Jewel” Shuping, made international headlines after she says she intentionally made herself blind by putting drain cleaner into her eyes. Dr. Travis Stork, of The Doctors, weighs...
Dr. Travis Shares His Love for His Beloved Dog Nala
ER physician Dr. Travis Stork tears up looking back on his beloved dog Nala and opens up about her health struggles. Just after taping this episode, his amazing dog passed away. Rest in peace,...
Comedian Kym Whitley’s Reaction to Dr. Travis’s Beard
Actress and comedian Kym Whitley gets up close and personal with Dr. Travis Stork's facial hair. Subscribe to The Doctors: LIKE us on Facebook:
Inuti E.R.
Folj E.R. lakare Dr Travis Stork pa akuten for en inne titta pa det verkliga liv trauman och drama som han ser pa en daglig basis.
Monday 06/10: The Naked Truth about Your Health - Show Promo
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Dr. Travis faces his Fear of Snakes on 'The Doctors'
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