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Support the stream: Live Stream/Live Chat, Join in to win! -Gather around smart peeps and let's all conquer the 12 trivia questions from the HQ Trivia app for your mobile device. Get your typing fingers ready, get that chat box chatting, shout out, but most importantly type in those right answers! Oh yea subscribe. Since we are using a new live screen recorder there is a 4-5sec lag from the live feed, but as long as you put in those answers on the chat box it wouldn't matter and there is still a 5 sec window to answer when you are relying on the video. To make things much easier you can type in: A or 1- for the first option B or 2- for the second option C or 3- for the third option If you are super sure of your answer like your life depends on it write the answer down as : 111, 222, 333 etc. so the whole chat doesn't get spammed IF YOU DON'T KNOW THE ANSWER, DO NOT PUT AN ANSWER DOWN, IF YOU HAVE A GUESS PUT THE ? RIGHT AFTER THE NUMBER OR LETTER (A?, 1?) We will keep playing until the end so that all of us, if not, at least one of us will get through the 12 questions! Twitter:

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