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10 Trolls MOVIE MISTAKES That Slipped Through Editing | Trolls or Trools? Trolls MOVIE MISTAKES Subscribe To Our Channel #moviemistakes #bloopers #fails #movie #top10 #easteregg #trolls #trollsmovie The Trolls, or is it Trools?, are small creatures who live in an almost perpetual state of happiness, singing, dancing, and hugging all day long. However, they are discovered by the Bergens, large creatures who never feel happy, but discover that they can feel happy for a moment, if they devour a Troll. The Bergen put the Trolls and their tree in a cage, and hold an annual festival, in which each Bergen gets its feeling of happiness, by eating a Troll. Our Social Media Links: ►Check Us Out On Facebook ►Visit Us At Pinterest ►Twitter: ►Google Plus: Visit The Website: ► MOVIE MISTAKES, We bring you Fails, Bloopers and Goof that slip past editing and onto the Big Screen! These Movie Clips include Top 10's, Deleted Scenes, Hidden Messages, Bloopers, Plot Holes and so Much More. Check out our other videos: Most Popular Upload - MOVIE MISTAKES Most Recent Upload - MOVIE MISTAKES Subscribe Now - MOVIE MISTAKES Binge Watch Today - MOVIE MISTAKES MOVIE MISTAKES, Goof, Facts, Scenes, Bloopers, Spoilers and Fails | Movie in MOVIES Subscribe Today! #Movie #mistake #fail #disneymistake #disneyfail #disneyvideo #superheromistakes #mistakesinmovies #goofs #bloopers #error #failvideo #videofails

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