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Trolls Movie Parody Poppy & Branch Sing True Colors & Kiss When Chef Bergen Kidnaps DJ Suki. Subscribe: Poppy and DJ Suki are having a wonderful time enjoying the flower fields in troll land, that is until the grumpy bergen, Chef, finds them. You see, Chef is on a royal quest to capture a troll for Prince Gristle to eat, so Chef kidnaps DJ Suki. Poppy will do anything to help her friends, but she'll need help. Poppy finds Branch and convinces him to help her rescue DJ Suki. Along the way they run into a silly cloud. Poppy tries to help Branch become a happy troll, so she sings True Colors. Branch and Poppy kiss; suddenly Branch finds his happy place. Branch and Poppy set off to Prince Gristle's castle where Chef is about to turn DJ Suki into troll stew. Branch uses his trusty frying pan to take Chef out. Will the trolls get away? Watch this cute Trolls parody to find out! More Parody Videos We Like: Should Cinderella Marry Prince Charming? With Drizella & Anastasia. Totally TV School Dance Battle with Moana, Elsa, Ariel & More. Totally TV Should Ariel Marry Merman? With Ursula & Frozen Anna. Totally TV Elsa Betrays Ariel and Kisses Prince Eric? Featuring Rotten Cousin Asle & Hans. Totally TV Moana Saves Frozen Anna & Elsa. Totally TV from Disney Toys Fan Moana and Maui Love Love Story? With Frozen Hans. Totally TV from Disney Toys Fan Christmas Talent Show with Frozen, Trolls, and More. Totally TV from Disney Toys Fan Elsa vs Darth Vader Battle a Star Wars Story. Totally TV from Disney Toys Fan Playlist: Princesses and Villains Characters- DisneyToysFan Music Courtesy of Epidemic Sound Totally TV Channel:

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