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Before I begin I would like to point out that the thumbnail came from another creepy video called Happy Halloween by an awesome youtuber named Freakmo here is a link to the video it is very creepy and awesome :) and check out her channel while your at it she makes awesome makeup tutorials Story # 1 Intruder got the giggles by katiethemagnificent here is the link to the story Story # 2 The Scariest Sleepover of My Life, or, The Rutland Rapist by elfinette here is the link to the story and here is two articles involving the story Story # 3 Inside the Walls of Her House by HelenaMarlena here is a link to the story Story # 4 Your Friendly Neighborhood Rapist by DaeneryTar here is a link to the story Story # 5 I want in by EvilCreation here is a link to the story Hopefully you got your daily dose of spooks and if you feel comfortable doing so send me personal or recommended stories that you think will be good here is my email

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