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top 10 hidden facts about film and movie studio designs Subscribe here: Hollywood has been entertaining the world for over 100 years. If you had family that was involved in the industry when it first began, then you’re probably sitting pretty on some cash right now. If so, you’re lucky, and if you can send a check over to us, we’d appreciate it. But with so many studios out there in Hollywood, how in the world can a company identify themselves and make them fabulously stand out from the rest? Logos. Lots and lots of logos. But once you have a logo, then you need to keep it updated with the times. Or, you’ll end up like that elderly person at the end of the block that’s always yelling at the kids. For example, Disney has changed their logo several times over the years. What was once a simple blue silhouette has become a mind-blowing CGI segment that looks better than most full-length movies, or the CGI in “NCIS.”

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